Turning right and merging at intersections, Cashmere Driving School

Turning right at intersections and merging into traffic with 2 lanes merging into one this manoeuvre is included in the driving test and is a critical error if not performed correctly

Merging with other traffic is an important driving skill, requiring you to make decisions quickly

In all merging situations, you must assess the distance and speed of vehicles in front and behind making necessary adjustments to your speed to merge with the vehicles safely


  • The blue car must give way to oncoming traffic
  • When turning right at traffic signals with multi lanes turn into the nearest lane and do not cross the centre line,(blue car)
  • Near the end of the merge, you must assess the speed of vehicles around you.
  • Share the road and give other vehicles plenty of space to merge safely
  • Adjust speed to suit
  • Don’t attempt to overtake if you see lane markings ending
  • Alternate with drivers in different¬† lanes during merging
  • Signal left (blue car)
  • Signal right (silver car)
  • Check left blind spot(head check blue car)
  • Check right blind spot (silver car)
  • Quickly adjust following distance using the ‘2 second rule’.
  • Always use care and courtesy
Turning right at multi-lane roads - Cashmere Driving School
Turning right at multi-lane roads






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