Cashmere Driving School Ltd
Teaching drivers since 1969

Wanting to learn how drive or upgrade your existing skills? You’ve made a wise first step in choosing Cashmere Driving School Ltd.

We offer a flexible approach with courses that cater to all types of people and all types of driving ambitions. We have a course that will suit your driving level and goals.


At Cashmere Driving School Ltd, we understand that everyone learns differently. This is why we make sure that we can cater to everyone.

We tailor our lessons to suit the individual needs of each of our students and make sure that we go at your pace. Our instructors will be able to challenge you without going too fast for your skill level and offer tuition and instruction for:

  • Restricted Licence (Mock test available at all Christchurch testing areas including Belfast and Rangiora)
  • Full Licence (Mock test available at all Christchurch testing areas including Belfast and Rangiora)
  • Can use your own car (conditions apply)
  • Car Class 1
  • Automatic or Manual

All Cashmere Driving School vehicles are dual control.
Note: you can use your own car (conditions apply)


Automatic or Manual

Cashmere Driving School Ltd provides lessons that cater to those wanting to learn in both automatic and manual cars.

At our driving school, we understand that some students in Christchurch just want to focus on the traffic conditions without the hassle of learning about gears. In these cases automatic is a good option. But if you decide later you want learn how to drive a manual car, we can provide lessons to suit. Sometimes people choose to do that having already sat their Restricted or Full License in an automatic car.

If you want to learn in a manual car from the start, we can help there too. Having the ability to drive a manual car can, not only can increase your driving skills and abilities, but increase the range of vehicles you can drive in the terms of work, recreation and so on.

International licenses

If you are from overseas and are looking to get a local license, our driving school also offers lessons especially for this purpose. Our teachers will help prepare the driver for local conditions and educate them in the differences in road rules.

We also offer overseas drivers (travelling on their existing license) anything from a one-off orientation lesson to a full package. We can help with automatic/manual cars, camper vans and towing vehicles, and, of course, learning the road rules here in New Zealand. Some international licenses require a practical test here, which Cashmere Driving School can help with. For more information, speak with us in Christchurch today.

Defensive Driving

We can help you with your defensive driving course. We work with Mike Smith who offers NZTA approved defensive driving courses. The Diploma courses are usually made up of 4 x 2 hour sessions (evenings) plus an in-car session. Talk to us about how we can manage this for you.

Note, if you’re still on a Restricted License, completing a Defensive Driving Course takes 6 months off the license period.

Senior Driving Tests

Drivers have to renew their license at age 75, 80 and every two years after that. To renew your license past your 75th birthday you will need to visit your doctor to a get a Medical Certificate for Driver License. We understand how stressful this process is for you and how important it is to have this independence. A driving lesson will give you the confidence you need to go through the process to retain your licence. We also offer older refresher training to help build confidence on the road generally.

At Cashmere Driving School we accept WINZ Quotes too.