Cashmere Driving School Ltd provides lessons catering for people wanting to learn in automatic and/or * manual cars.

At our driving school, we understand that some students in Christchurch just want to focus on the traffic conditions without the hassle of learning about gears and a clutch. In these cases learning in an automatic car is a good option. For those wanting the ability to drive any type of car, we would recommend *manual lessons. *Manual lessons will be in your car.


You can use your own car* (manual) or we can provide an automatic car for your use:


Cashmere Driving School Christchurch

2x Automatic
Toyota RAV4 and
Nissan Juke

Cashmere Driving School Christchurch

$90 for 1 hour



3 x 1hour
Lesson Package
Ideal for those close to test time and just need a few adjustments. For Restricted drivers, this will include parallel parking.

Cashmere Driving School Christchurch

Qualified and experienced instructors

Cashmere Driving School Christchurch

Tailored Lessons targeted to individual needs

Cashmere Driving School Christchurch

Supply cars for drivers licence tests for automatic cars only (conditions apply)

Cashmere Driving School Christchurch

Proven track record over nearly 40 years experience

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*Conditions Apply



Hi Owen, thanks very much for the lessons. I truly believe that if it wasn't for your instructing I wouldn't have passed."


“Hi Owen, just want to let you know I;ve passed with flying colours, cheers for all you hard work and will see you at defensive driving in stac.”


"Hi Owen, Thanks for all your help, I passed.


Thanks for the help in helping me get my license first go."


“Hi Owen, I passed! Thank you so much for all your help”